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I've worked for other companies and products from time to time, but I always come home to LEGO playthemes. Because that's where the minifigures are.
Legends of Chima Trading Cards
Legends of Chima
Trading Cards
Legends of Chima Trading Cards (2012-2013)
Back at LEGO's U.S. headquarters after LEGO Universe had run its course, my first task was painting an impossible number of illustrations for the then-upcoming Legends of Chima playtheme. Luckily I had the Ninjago team of illustrators on my side.
LEGO Packaging Artwork
LEGO Package Artwork
LEGO Packaging Artwork (2006-2016)
Now that I'm sitting in the LEGO art department, every spare minute in my schedule is quickly snapped up and filled in by playthemes needing spot illustration for their packaging artwork. I get a lot of calls for corner portraits, in-box comics pages, and background graphics textures.
Star Wars Convention Exclusives
Star Wars
Convention Exclusives
Star Wars Convention Exclusives (2012)
In 2012, we did limited runs of three convention-exclusive Star Wars sets, packed (by hand!) in round tins with wraparound illustrations.
Knights Kingdom Development
LEGO® Knights Kingdom Development (2003-2005)
My first big project at LEGO was a rare instance in which I got to follow a project from concept to product development to marketing support through all three years of its multiple-award-winning run. I stayed with the Knights Kingdom theme through its entire lifecycle, from doing initial concept design on the characters and playsets to becoming the main illustrator for the series.
Castle Characters
LEGO Castle Characters
LEGO® Castle 2007 Character Licensing Graphics (2006)
Following Knights Kingdom, we finally got to do the fantasy castle line I'd always dreamed of (at least until we got the Lord of the Rings for real in 2012), with all the orcs and dwarves and skeleton knights you could ever want. I was a little disappointed the line didn't last long enough for us to get elves, but I did get to draw the stock poses for all the Castle 2007 Characters.
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