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I spent two and a half years on the LEGO Universe project, although I discovered that some of my other paintings had preceded me there by years and had already been working hard in my absence. I had many grand and important roles within whatever part of the company they stuck me during that time, but looking back, that all fades into the background when I remember what was really important about that job:

They had four metric tons of LEGO bricks. Four tons, neatly sorted and shelved in aisles and open for employee use. Four tons.

Key Visuals
Key Visuals
LEGO Universe Key Visuals (2011)

Once LEGO Universe had launched, my primary job turned to working on marketing key visual images to nail down the style direction and marketing bullet points for each major release.
Faction Banners
Faction Banners
LEGO Universe Faction Banners (2009)

One of my early efforts on arrival was to try to convince the leadership to steer the game away from its innocuous, kindergarten-bright environments and gameplay, and towards the more epic feel that we eventually moved forward with. These faction banners were a big selling point in my argument.
Inspiration Paintings
Inspiration Paintings
LEGO Universe Inspiration Paintings (2009-2011)

When I first joined the company, the LEGO Universe team had already been raiding my LEGO paintings for years for inspiration. For my first year at the studio, my main task was just to continue creating more inspirational paintings just like them.
Story Development
Story Development
LEGO Universe Story Development (2010)

For a brief period in 2010 we were considering different options for presenting the LEGO Universe story to the players. We eventually hired an outside agency to render the animation for us, and Sir Patrick Stewart to do the voicover.
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