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BrikWars is a tongue-in-cheek wargame, designed for taking the most congenial and innocent construction-toy figures and plunging them into the darkest depths of the most horrifying forms of violence. But don't feel too bad for them - they're construction toys! Pop their body parts back together and they're as good as new.

I've made piles and piles of artwork and illustrations for BrikWars over the years, which eventually helped me land my first job at LEGO as a concept designer. However, it's important to note that BrikWars itself is completely unrelated to LEGO and is not a LEGO-specific game. For more information about BrikWars, please visit http://www.brikwars.com.
BrikWars 2010
BrikWars 2010
Artwork for BrikWars 2010 (2006-2016) Like all BrikWars releases, the year in the title is more of a suggested guideline than a rule, and both BrikWars 2010 and its artwork are still in boisterous continued development in 2016.
BrikWars cover
The BrikWars Tenth Anniversary Edition
Artwork for the BrikWars Tenth Anniversary Edition (2006) The web release of BrikWars' Tenth Anniversary Edition required a whole pile of artwork. Many pieces were scraped together and retrofitted from years of previous material, and a whole bunch of new work was slapped together from scratch. Here's a page of some of the highlights.
BrikWars! (2003) This epic piece, showing universal BrikWars warfare from every era and genre, would be the ultimate painting - except for the inexplicable exclusion of giant robots. (Edit: Giant skeleton robot added in 2015.) Other than that unfortunate omission, it's the most popular BrikWars painting to date, and one that I'd love to sell as a poster, if only it weren't for those nagging trademark issues.
"BrikThulhu Rising"
BrikThulhu Rising (2005) BrikWars has a unique philosophy of glorifying cheerful violence and happy-go-lucky mayhem for their own sakes, and it's spawned a number of distinctive religions among the construction-toy populace. The most iconic figure in construction-brick religious practice is that of BrikThulhu, the octopus-headed god of disorder.
The Deadly Spaceman
"The Deadly Spaceman"
The Deadly Spaceman (2001) The Deadly Spaceman has been BrikWars' official mascot since the first edition in 1995, getting a new portrait with each new edition. This was the painting for the 2001 ruleset.
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