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Büttrøck the Deathmetal Lawn Gnome
Büttrøck the Deathmetal Lawn Gnome
LEGO Universe, 2009-2011
Inspiration paintings and marketing illustrations from the LEGO Universe MMO
Büttrøck the Deathmetal Lawn Gnome BrikWars, 2001-2011
Rulebook illustrations for the BrikWars construction-toy miniatures wargame
Büttrøck the Deathmetal Lawn Gnome
Büttrøck the Deathmetal Lawn Gnome
Spin Master, 2006-2008
In-game assets for Tech Deck Live, the browser-based 3D MMO, and package illustrations for Battleground: Crossbows and Catapults for Spin Master Ltd.
Büttrøck the Deathmetal Lawn Gnome
Büttrøck the Deathmetal Lawn Gnome
Everything Else, 2003-2008
A pile of images from a busy freelance career, including environment designs, LEGO illustrations, and fantasy nonsense
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Update, Decmber 11 2011:

With the LEGO Universe project drawing to a close, it looks like it's time to start loading up the portfolio site with all the new material from the past few years.

For those who haven't visited in a while, there are a lot of never-before-seen images!
I've added all new sections from my work on LEGO Universe, including key visuals, faction banners, inspiration paintings, and story development.

Key Visuals Faction Banners Inspiration Paintings Story Development

Sub Commander

And from a couple years further back, I've added my work from the development of Tech Deck Live for Spin Master Ltd. as well.

I hope you enjoy the new additions!

- Mike Rayhawk

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